Um, excuse me, I’m a new driver

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So it was time to learn to drive this thing.  I couldn’t convince Joe Stroud to be our personal chauffeur, so I’d better start learning.  I had driven the motorhome around the grocery store parking lot, but even then I was super nervous.  The owner, Mr. Jones, kept telling me to “Go! Go! Give it some gas!”  I was so timid.  I was afraid I would hit something, like a parked car, or run over the curb.  I can’t even imagine the damage from running up on the curb. Or what about those pedestrians??  

On the Road

Fortunately for us, we have a good friend, Helen Spear, who teaches at a local truck driving school.  How cool is that!?!  I had a professional who was willing to help me learn.  Helen came out today for my first driving lesson.  She drove it down a few streets to get a feel for how it handles, and then we headed to the grocery store down the street to start my lesson.  Why always the grocery store parking lot?  Their lots are wide open, and unless ice or snow is expected, the lots are fairly empty. (You know, in Georgia we freak out and run to buy bread and milk if the weather looks a little questionable.  However, in our defense, we’ve had snow once already, and we are supposed to have more this week.  Who knows what the weather will be like the rest of the winter? I, for one, want to have bread to eat and milk to drink if we are going to be stuck in the house because of ice or snow.  But I digress…).

Keep on Moving
  So I started by making very wide turns around the little islands at the end of the rows.  I did one huge, SLOW donut so Helen could see the turning radius.  I bet that looked ridiculous!

After I felt semi-confidant about turning corners, we headed out on the road.  We drove all over the county for about 2 hours.  I got to practice changing lanes and making left turns, and learned why you half to watch out for low-hanging tree limbs and to plan ahead for parking.  Over all, I think I did pretty well.  I definitely became more confidant, both in my knowledge and my abilities. 

Chillaxin' with a DVD while Mom drives

So that was all for today’s lesson.  Next week we will tackle the interstate!

We weren't really moving - Helen was being funny!


The Vacation Home Comes Home

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Today we went and bought the motorhome and brought it home!  It was very exciting!

Joe & Patricia Stroud rode down to Griffin with us so that Joe could drive the motorhome back for us.  I still am not ready to tackle driving.  I do realize I can't avoid it forever.

Anyway, we met Mr. & Mrs. Jones at their bank to complete the purchase and get the title.  That all went smoothly.  Then we all went to get lunch together at a great little restaurant in Griffin.  Afterward, Jim headed to get our kids from school while Joe, Patricia, and I headed home in the motorhome.

It was a fantastic drive home.  Smooth and comfortable.  I could get used to this!  I guess I better get used to it, hadn't I?

Jim & Lisa Ellis with Francis & Julian Jones
December 1, 2010