I-20 drivers, look out!

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So Helen took me out to drive on the interstate today.  It went pretty well, I think.  I just kept to myself in the right lane, and tried to not grip the steering wheel too tightly when 18-wheelers passed me.  I had absolutely no problem with the fact that I was continuously being passed.  I was going around 60 mph, but much faster than that makes me nervous.  The wind was blowing a lot today, too. Imagine a windy day on the interstate in a large SUV, and then multiply that by five, and that is kind of what it felt like in the motorhome.

We stopped by to fill up the gas tank for the first time, too.  We pulled into the side of the truck stop where the big rigs pull in, but it turns out we could have used the regular car side.  We put in about 30 gallons...to the tune of 90-something dollars. Ouch!  We knew to expect that, it just hurt a little to drop $100 on gas in one stop, and know that that only covered 1/3 of the tank!

Hopefully we can take our first 'real' trip in it soon! :)