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People always want to know..."What started all of this?"  My grandmother even asked that question.  And a perfectly valid question it is.  What brought us to the point of wanting to buy a motorhome and travel the United States with our children?

It was a process, with several influencing factors.  I guess the very first part was that Jim wanted to get a camper.  His family had one when he was young, and he thought it would be great for us to have one and take our kids camping.  I am not much of a camping person.  I prefer hotels.  With amenities.  Better yet if they are on the beach.  But I digress..

I wondered if I would be able to get him off this 'camper' kick he was on.  But I also started to wonder if we could make it more than a run-of-the-mill camping trip here and there.  I mentioned to him one day, "Wouldn't it be neat if we could take a camper and tour the United States with the kids?"  And really it just snowballed from there.

Once we decided that this was something we were serious about trying to do, we started learning about motorhomes.  Who knew there were so many options??

We realized that a travel trailer or a pop-up camper wouldn't work.  If it had to be towed behind our SUV, then it was out.  We didn't want the kids to be cooped up in a vehicle day after day after day.  It just wouldn't be right.   Also, in those kind of close quarters, they would get on each others nerves - and ours!  We wanted to continue to like one another, so ample room to move about as necessary was essential.

So, we finally decided that a full-size Class A motorhome was what we needed.  But did that truly narrow down our search? Hardly.  There are so many options and factors to consider.  Thankfully, we have several friends who own motorhomes that were more than happy to share their knowledge with us.  They shared their travel experiences with us and gave us so much to think about. 

It was at this point, in late July 2010, that our adventure really began.  Praying, planning, and learning have been the foundation and beginning of this adventure. 

Up next, the search begins...

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