The First Oops!

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So, it was bound to happen sooner or later.  Nothing major, no blown tires or anything like that.  This was more like a ‘driving oops’.  Didn’t mean to do that.  
We had decided to leave Enterprise, Alabama, and drive at least part of the way home.  The weather forecast for the northern parts of Alabama and Georgia called for wintry mix changing to all snow overnight.  Since we didn’t leave until almost 7pm Central Standard Time, it would be after midnight when we got home.  By then the snow would really be coming down, and that’s not something we want to drive in.  I personally do not plan to make driving at night a regular part of our travels, much less in rain or snow.  So we decided to stop in Troy, AL for the night. 
The driving was going great, even after dark.  We came into the southern part of Troy, and were going to make a right turn to head towards where we would be staying for the night.  I was in the right turn lane, waiting for my turn to go.  What I didn’t see was a MAJOR pot hole.  The front right tire went down in it, followed by the back two right tires before I could react.  The entire motorhome wobbled back and forth.  I didn’t hear any initial cries from the kids or the dog, but I didn’t know if that was a good thing or not.  Was it nothing to them so they didn’t need to make a sound?  Or was it that they were flopped all around and were now unconscious?  My co-pilot, Jim, went to see that all was okay, and it was.  I think it was scarier for me than for anyone else.  I know a glass light fixture fell, but it didn’t break. 
So all’s well that ends well.  But I still felt bad for shaking the whole thing around like that.  This goes to show that I was right to want to avoid driving at night!

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