Carpool Line

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Today we drove the RV to pick up Chrissy at school.  Right through carpool line.

The Motorhome Moments Crew

Okay, not really, but didn't you like the image it gave you?

We did pick her up in the motorhome, just not in carpool line. 

We took the motorhome to our church, Hope Church in Dallas, Georgia, to make a video that they are planning on using this Sunday in the service.  We should be getting a copy of it, and I'll post it when I do.

So we took a few more pictures since we all were there.  Notice our snazzy shirts...Motorhome Moments shirts.  Pretty cool, huh? 

Crazy Chrissy

Rachael being sweet; Michael being....Michael

Four of a Kind

Jim and His Mini-Me

Lisa and the Baby of the Family (Sam)

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