Finding the Station

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We drove the motorhome out to Oxford, Alabama, today.  We met up with some of our family for lunch.  We had a great time!

Since we were going out and about, we took the RV.  We really needed to empty the sewage tanks, and since we would be passing the state rest area, we planned on dumping it there.  Well, we drove through the rest area just inside Alabama. This is a nice rest area with lots of parking. We found the dump station, but it was out of order.  Okay, we thought, we'll just stop at the one inside Georgia on the way home.

Later in the afternoon, on our way back home, we pulled into the Georgia rest area.  Much to our dismay, there WASN'T a dump station.  We saw what might have been one at some point in time, but it definately couldn't be used now.  What would we do now?

Long story short (too late!), we were at another exit, and just happened to see a sign at a truck stop that said they had an RV dump station. So we pulled in there. We didn't realize that some truck stops had dump stations, but apparently they do. Some charge a small fee, while others, like the one where we stopped, do not.  This facility was very clean, and the staff was friendly.  So, if you are traveling I-20 near the Georgia/Alabama line, check out Newborn's Truck Stop. They are located off of exit 5 in Tallapoosa, Georgia. 

Finally Found It - Newborn's Truck Stop!
Tallapoosa, GA

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