Great Home School Resource!

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In researching curriculum options for our cross-country education, I stumbled upon a great web site for home school curriculum.  It is Currclick, found at www.currclick.com.  This is different from standard home school curriculum, such as Abeka or Bob Jones, in that it compiles resources that are available for instant use.  There are TONS of resources available to download, and many are free.  I am just now getting into this site, so if anyone has any comments or suggestions related to it, please leave a comment.  To leave a comment, click the little word bubble box to the right of the title of this entry.



Red the Repairman...& John, too!

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Today we had a recall repair done on the refrigerator in the motorhome.  Nothing major, just something that would cause a fire if not replaced. (eeks!!!)  The two gentlemen that came to fix it were Red and John.

We first heard about Red from Mr. Julian Jones, the gentleman we bought the motorhome from.  He and John have always done all of the repairs and maintenance on the motorhome.  Once we received the recall notice, it seemed like the natural choice to call the person who was the most familiar with the unit to have the repairs done. 

I think the best part of having this done is that Red and John have a mobile RV repair service.  They come to you!  That made it a lot easier for us to schedule time to have it done.  Their business is Anytime RV - Mobile RV Service.

John, Jim, and Red

Red and John were truly a blessing!  Not only were they professional and courteous, they took extra time with us and explained some of the systems we were not familiar with.  They were VERY patient, too.  It is a lot of information to understand how all the electrical systems in the motorhome work, how they are related, and when to use each system.  I cannot emphasize enough how much we learned during their visit.  I think most of my major concerns were satisfied today.

Red and John work on any type of RV - full size motorhomes, fifth wheels, campers, whatever you have.  I HIGHLY recommend them if you are in need of repairs. They service Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas.  You can reach James "Red" Brown at 678-270-6096.


Indiana Places and Faces?

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I have been spending a lot of time lately getting ready for the trip.  There is SO much to do!

One project I am tackling is pinpointing all the places we want to stop along the way.  As you probably know, we aren't in a hurry and we want to see as much as possible. Thanks to our readers fabulous suggestions listed on the Tell Us What To See page, I have quite a list that continues to grow.  However, one state on our route has been rather neglected - Indiana.

What to do, what to do...

I went to Indiana, once.  I was about seven years old and we went to see my new cousin in Indianapolis.  She was a sweet, tiny little thing!  She still sweet, and a great photographer.  Anyway, there are two things about Indianapolis that have stuck in my mind all these years.  One is Taco Bell. When I was little we lived in Alabama and there just weren't any Taco Bell restaurants.  I don't know why I remember that, but I can vividly picture it in my head.  We didn't even eat there.  Second, we did go to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  We toured the museum and rode on the track.  I really enjoyed that!

So other than Taco Bell and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we don't know what to do in Indiana! I know some of our followers and friends MUST have done something fun there! Please - tell us about it!

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