Appleton, WI Day 3 & Into Michigan - 06/26/2011

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Today was an average day - I don't even have many pictures!  We went to church this morning.  We found a great non-denominational church in Appleton, Pathways Church.  They had an early service, so that's the one we went to.  If you are ever in Appleton, you can check them out HERE.

Giant rooster at a gas station in Wisconsin

After we had lunch, cleaned up the RV, Skyped with family and got ready to go, it was towards the end of the afternoon.  We pulled into the last town in Wisconsin, and over the border into Michigan, around 9:30PM.  It wasn't a big deal because all of the streets were very well lit.

Welcome to Pure Michigan

The main road from Wisconsin's eastern edge into the upper Michigan peninsula follows the coast of Lake Michigan.  It was truly a beautiful drive.  However, we had to travel through a state forest area, the Escanaba State Forest Area.  This wouldn't normally be a problem, but as we all know, animals like to roam around at night.  So....

Beautiful drive

I was driving, Rachael was in the passenger seat - buckled up, of course - Jim was sitting with Chrissy, and Michael was sound asleep in the bedroom.  Rachael and I both saw it - a deer.  There was nothing I could do but start to brake safely.  The impact was huge!  But between the RV and the deer, the RV most definitely won.  There wasn't really much damage on our end.  The door to the generator, which is in the front, was bent a little bit - as in it doesn't shut like it should, but it does shut.  That's about it as far as damage.  Can't say the same for the poor deer.

We were all okay.  Michael didn't even wake up.  Sam, the dog, ran under my feet and wouldn't budge.  It scared him more than anyone else, I think!  We had to pick him up and move him to the back.  Once Jim and I checked everything out with the RV, we got back on the road.  Thankfully we weren't too far from where we were stopping for the night because I was a little shaken.

Michael sleeping through it all

So while we don't have many pictures, it did turn out to be quite a day!

Tune in tomorrow...we start touring the UP - Upper Peninsula!

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