Chicago Day 3 - 06/18/2011

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A beautiful day in Chicago!  We headed out to the Navy Pier this morning to see things there and go to the Chicago Children's Museum.  With our membership to Fernbank Museum in Atlanta, we were able to get into this museum for free.  It was well worth the trip to Chicago's museum.  I think this is the best children's museum we've been to.

The firefighting team

The first exhibit was a fire safety exhibit.  It had a fire truck to play on and firefighter equipment to wear, as well as a kid-sized firehouse to explore.  There was an interactive game for older kids that challenged them to put out a fire in a burning building.

Our building team

The next section was all about building.  Jim had a great time building with the girls, showing them how nuts and bolts work together.  Another part had a great family activity, where you had twenty minutes to build a skyscraper.  The primary focus was to learn to work as a team.  Jim and I have never seen our kids work together so well.  Rachael and Michael helped one another attaching pieces, and Chrissy was quick to bring whatever parts they needed.  The way it was set up you began by scanning your 'building permit'.  When you are done building, the team gets to sit down and answer questions about their building process that is recorded by the computer.  All of this is combined and your individual code allows you to go online and watch a video of your building being built, created from pictures that the computer takes while your team is working. It was so much fun!  And of course we had the tallest building there! :)

A water pump

A rope and pulley system to move water

There were several more areas: a water area that requires raincoats, a backyard area, an invention area, giant dominoes, chess and checker sets, and much more.  There were several areas specifically for younger kids, from babies to preschoolers, where they could go in to just play with kids their own size. This museum definitely has something for everyone in the family.

At the end of the Navy Pier

After the museum we strolled up and down the pier, had a little dinner, and took lots of pictures.  When we were done we headed to the RV for the night.  It was a great day!

More pictures are posted on the Photo Gallery page.

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