Ft. Campbell, KY - 06/11 - 12/2011

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Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, was a great place to visit and stay.  We pulled in Friday night and stayed for a few days.  Ft. Campbell is actually in Tennessee and Kentucky - you can visit our History Fun! page to find out why it has a Kentucky address.

Our first stop was the MWR building (Morale, Welfare, Recreation) to register. We talked with Scott over the phone on the way, and he gave us perfect directions to the campground.  It is a little hard to find, since it isn't actually on the base, but with Scott's help, it was no problem.  He is a 20+ year veteran of the Army.

Hunting is really big at Ft. Campbell, as you can see by the picture of the office.  There were all kinds of animals on display, including turkeys, owls, and ducks.

Scott with MWR at Ft. Campbell

After checking in Saturday morning, we headed over the MWR's Arm Birthday Party.  The army is celebrating its 236th birthday this week, and MWR hosted a great party for military families.  They had food, dance demonstrations, balloon art, arts and crafts, and bounce houses.  Best of all, it was FREE!

Happy Birthday to the Army!

The balloon art was amazing.  Chrissy got a giraffe, complete with spots, and Rachael got a pink sword (so she could poke Michael with it).  Unfortunately, Rachael's sword didn't last too long as it was attacked by a sharp blade of grass.

Balloon Art

Bounce House Jail

Probably the best part of the day for the kids was horseback riding.  The stables (yes, the base even has horse stables!) was offering horse rides.  We jumped on that - Rachael LOVES horses, and we try to let her ride whenever the opportunity presents itself.

He didn't pick the horse's nose!

It was so hot, we headed for the base pool after the birthday party.  The base has three or four pools, but this one was the easiest for us to find, and it was SO refreshing.  We had to help Chrissy more than usual because the shallow end was still pretty much over her head, so she couldn't stand up like she normally can.

Chrissy and Mommy

Michael's hand-stand

Sunday was a quiet day. We went to church on base, and everyone there was really nice and welcoming.  That chapel (there are six on base) was celebrating its 37th Anniversary and they had lunch after the service, which of course Jim wanted to stay for.  They truly made us feel at home.

Community Chapel at Ft. Campbell, KY

The rest of the day we spent cleaning and readying the RV to pull out and head for Illinois.  I had to include the following picture because I think it is one of my favorites.

Jim washing dishes

Jim washed the dishes after dinner! My dad would say he wishes Jim would stop because he's making my dad look bad.

For more Ft. Campbell pictures, click HERE to go to the Photo Gallery page for this post.

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