Let's Roll!

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Wow!  We are here in Nashville!  I can’t believe we have actually done it!  Yesterday was a long day, but very exciting.  Kudos to the Nashville Farmer's Market for having free wi-fi.

Ready to Board!

We finished loading everything up, and put the truck on the tow dolly.  Our great neighbors are helping Taylor look after the house while we are gone.  Jim is a construction foreman, and Jason is a City of Atlanta Police Officer.  Like Jason said, anyone in our house that shouldn’t be there was going to have a bad day with them around!

The Neighborhood Watch

Jim & Jason

The trip into Tennessee went really well.  The scenery is beautiful. 

Tennessee Welcomes You

 I faced two of my biggest driving fears (so far!).  The first is that monster sharp turn in Chattanooga on I-24, right before the Lookout Mountain exits.  I don’t like that turn in a normal vehicle, much less in a 38’ motorhome towing a truck.  But it all went fine.

Mountain Pass

The second fear is narrow construction lanes.  Like when the lanes are narrowed down and concrete barriers line the edges.  I was so afraid that I would scrape the either the concrete barriers or the cars in the left lane.  Truckers apparently don’t have this fear, as they zoomed past me like it was nothing.
We stopped at a rest area to let Sam have a potty break.  It was right on the Tennessee River at Nickajack Lake.  Beautiful!

On the Edge of Nickajack Lake on the Tennessee River

The rest of the trip went just fine.  We are staying at Seven Points Recreation Area, run by the US Army Corp of Engineers.  The roads are rather narrow through the area, and I wasn’t sure how in the world I was going to back the motorhome into the camping space.  Thankfully, Co-pilot Jim gave great directions and guided me right into place.  We had enough day light left to check out the beach, swimming area, and playground before it got too dark.

View from our Bedroom

Overall, a success!  We are excited to check out the Nashville area tomorrow.  We’ll keep you updated!

This is us!

Getting on Board!

Co-Pilot Jim


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