Metropolis, IL - 06/13/2011

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The Land of Lincoln

Today we made it to Metropolis, IL!  State number 5!  Metropolis is the home to Superman, and we had just missed the annual Superman Festival.  Superman fans from all over the country converge on Metropolis once a year.  We were actually glad we missed it.  There were a lot of people, and we would have had  to wait to take pictures and see the museum.


There are two museums in Metropolis: the Superman Museum and the Hollywood Americana Museum.  The little town is also covered with tall cardboard cutouts so that you can take your picture as Superman, or for the ladies, Supergirl.  And why is it SuperGIRL? Why not SuperWOMAN?  Anyway, it was a lot of fun to look around at all the Superman memorabilia. 

A real power-couple - Super power, that is!

I think Supergirl could take him!

SuperDad & SuperRachael

Rachael and the Man of Steel

Batman's Boat
 I guess Batman must have been in town for the festival, because he left his boat behind.  Bad for him, good for us!

The town has also put up a new statue of Lois Lane.  It's not as big as Superman's statue, but very nice.  They wanted to honor Noel Neill, who played the original Lois Lane on the Superman TV show.  She has been very supportive of the town and has made numerous appearances throughout the years.

Of course

Metropolis is also home to Harrah's Casino & Hotel.  The casino is actually a boat, but you would never know it to look at it.  It sits in the Ohio River.  I made a brief visit, but it sucked away $7, and I decided that was enough for me.  Although I will say I actually lost $15, but made $8 of it back.  That was a good place to stop.

One last fun thing we saw in Metropolis was Big John.  He is the representative for Big John's Grocery Store.  We couldn't pass up this photo opportunity!

This kids are the tiny things standing in the bed of the truck looking up at Big John.

More pictures are available in the Photo Gallery, so don't miss them.  Next, on to Springfield, Illinois!

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