Munising & Grand Marais, MI - 06/27/2011

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Well, once we got a good night's sleep and recovered from our deer incident, we were ready to explore Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  For those of you that are 'outdoors' types - this is the place for you!  This motorhome is as close to camping as I care to come.  Just not my thing.  But I will say that this part of Michigan is absolutely beautiful, and seems hardly touched.  There are miles of hiking trails and tons of available camping, from motorhomes to primitive sites.

Visitor's Center.  Lake Superior is in the background.

Munising is a little town on the edge of Lake Superior.  You can take boat tours of Lake Superior which include the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  Pictured Rocks is a fabulous spot to tour or explore Lake Superior, and was recommended by some of our Michigan people on the "Tell Us What To See" page.  There are also many water falls in the area.

I think this is the first waterfall they've ever seen
Munising Falls

A quick stop at the Visitor's Center equipped us with what we needed to know: what was in the area and what did we want to try to see.  The Park Rangers at the Visitor's Center were super helpful and very knowledgeable.

Pretty Rachael

There were a lot of beaches along this portion of Lake Superior, but we didn't visit them for two reasons.  One, they were only accessible by hiking - three miles minimum. Second, the water is around 44 degrees, and that's just wrong!

On a bridge headed to the falls

We chose to see the Munising Falls.  It was an easy hike - a must for us, for lots of reasons.  The Park Ranger there was very friendly, too.  Our only mistake was forgetting the bug spray!! Mosquitoes were everywhere. UGG!  However, that aside, it was definitely worth the stop.

Chrissy taking a break

There was one main path to the falls, and two side paths off from that.  Those two paths led up to higher viewing points.  The kids were very into it, so we took the falls in from all three points.  Sam (the dog) even held his own on this small hike.  The steps of the path were wide and shallow, so he had no problem with them.  He kept up and seemed to really enjoy it.  I'm sure the vet will be thrilled, since he's on a 'diet.'  Don't tell Sam, though.

These stairs he can climb up and down!

After Munising Falls, we headed over to Miner's Castle, which is supposed to have the best viewing point for the Pictured Rocks area.  There is a little center there, but it was closed by the time we got to it. You can walk over to one edge where you have a fantastic view of Miner's Castle itself.  You can also see the Grand Island from this area, and vast waters of Lake Superior.  In another area, the path leads right up to Miner's Castle and a view the Miner's Beach area.

Michael at Miner's Castle

After Miner's Castle, we continued eastward to Grand Marais (pronounced muh-ray, in your best southern accent).  This is another lakeside town, but much smaller.  We were actually able to park the motorhome on the side of the road - it was a very wide road - and go to one of their parks that is right on Lake Superior.  This is where we actually got to put our toes in the lake.  They didn't stay there long!  It was like putting your feet in ice water, and your toes come out as ice cubes.

Running to Lake Superior

It was neat, though, to give the kids a different perspective on what other beaches are like.  They've only seen the sugar-white beaches of Florida's Gulf Coast, and those of a few spots on the Atlantic beaches.  While you couldn't get down and build sand castles, there were waves and a steady breeze.  Seeing the boats anchored out in the bay was pretty cool, too.

They are trying to smile in the cold water!

This is what Michael REALLY thought of the water!

So these two Lake Superior towns made for a full day.  We ended it with ice cream from a local shop.  It was soooo good!

Tomorrow it is on to Sault Ste Marie, Michigan.  Hopefully we'll discover why Sault is pronounced "soo".  Stay tuned!

More pictures are in the Photo Gallery.

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