Nashville Day 1 - 06/07/2011

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Nashville is a great city!  Today we toured the State Capitol building and the Bicentennial Mall State Park, as well as the Nashville Farmer's Market.

Nashville, TN - State Capitol Building
 There is a lot of interesting details to the state capitol building itself.  In the marble hand rail on the stair way that leads to the second floor, a large chunk of marble is missing.  This happened when a warning shot was fired in the building to keep legislators from leaving during an important state vote.  The building also sits on the highest hill in Nashville.

Chris Grisham - Tennessee's best guide - in the State House

Chris Grisham, with the Tennessee State Museum, was our guide through the history of the capitol. He really knew his Tennessee history, too, and answered every question thrown his way.

Jim was getting ready to ask Chris another question

This was the amazing view from the second floor balcony in the capitol.  It overlooks Bicentennial Mall State Park.  The park was constructed to honor the state's bicentennial in 1996.  It has a timeline along the left side, chronicling Tennessee's history.  There is also a World War II memorial, and at the far end, bells that play at the top of every hour.  They play the Tennessee Waltz and other important state songs.

Balcony of the State Capitol

This is the view from the far end of the Mall, looking back toward the capitol on the hill.


Nashville's Farmer's Market is adjacent to the Bicentennial Mall, and offers fresh and yummy produce all week long.  On the weekends, there are more vendors, specialty restaurants, and a flea market.  We decided it was a good thing we weren't there when the flea market was open!

I guess the watermelon was heavy?

We will be posting more pictures in the Photo Gallery, so make sure to check them out!

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