Nashville Day 2 - 06/08/2011

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Another great day in Music City!  We started this great day out at the Opryland Hotel.  What an amazing place!  There are so many things to see in each section of the hotel.  In the Magnolia wing, there are these amazing murals painted in one hallway.  There are several different illusions painted in them...a train changes directions, eyes seem to follow you, and shadows move.  Very cool! 

Gorgeous fountain

In the Delta section is the waterway where you can actually ride a boat around inside the hotel.  There are mango and lemon trees, ducks, and several kinds of fish.

We're on a boat!
 This hotel is definitely worth the time to take a look around, even if you aren't staying there. Right next door is the Grand Ole Opry.  The whole area is amazing.  There is a huge shopping complex, but like the hotel, the area was badly flooded in May of 2010.  The hotel recovered in about six months, but the rest of the area is still being rebuilt.

The Grand Ole Opry is celebrating its 85th birthday this year.  We weren't able to take a tour, but we did visit the gift shop! (Almost as good, right?!)

Outside the Grand Ole Opry

We met this cool guy from Alberta, Canada, too.  He flew to Nashville and is hitch-hiking his way back home.  THAT is an adventure!

Jesse, our new Canadian friend!

Next, we travelled into downtown Nashville to the original home of the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman Auditorium.  Nashville was CRAZY today because of the Country Music Awards and Fan Fair going on.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Crazy! 

This is a statue of Roy and Minnie Pearl inside the Ryman.

After a hot day like today, we headed back to the lake to cool off....it was so refreshing.  The kids love to swim, and they are missing the convenience of walking into their backyard for a swim.  So since our campsite was right across from the beach area, it made it easy to head on over there.  We swam, skipped rocks, and made mud pies.  Life is good!

on Lake J. Percy Priest
 We will finish up in Nashville and head out tomorrow.  More pictures from today are on our Photo Gallery page!

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