Naval Station Great Lakes Day 1 - 06/19/2011

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Happy Father's Day!  We want to wish all those fathers out there a very Happy Father's Day!  We wanted Jim's day to be special, too, so we treated him to breakfast in bed!  The kids all somehow managed to make Father's Day cards for Jim without him knowing about it.  He was very surprised.  They were so sweet to him.  We had also been buying little gifts along the way from different gift shops.  He loves pens, and frequently "accidentally" takes them from stores and doctor's offices, so the kids got him a few pens.  One was a giant one, about a foot long, from the Willis Tower in Chicago.  There were other little gifts, too.

Breakfast in bed on Father's Day

We found a local church to attend and went to their 10:15 service.  Everyone there was very nice and it was great to be in God's house again.  Once we came back from church and finished up a few house cleaning things in the RV, it was time to get moving again.

Walking in the sand

We headed up to Naval Station Great Lakes, which is just north of Chicago.  All new recruits for the Navy go through this facility for their basic training, and other schools for the Navy are located here, as well.  The RV park sits right on the edge of Lake Michigan and is absolutely beautiful.  Once we backed the RV in, we were facing the lake and ready for an awesome sunrise the next day.  After getting the RV hooked up, we decided to use the rest of our daylight at the beach.

Playing in the edge of the water

It was too cold to get in the water past our toes, but the kids loved it anyway.  They played in the sand and climbed on the rocks.  We took lots of great pictures and had fun until it was dark, and then headed back to the RV.   It was a nice, relaxing day, and we are looking forward to more fun on Monday!

They were cold!

At the water's edge

The sign looks a little threatening, doesn't it?

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