Naval Station Great Lakes Day 2 - 06/20/2011

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BEAUTIFUL sunrise over Lake Michigan this morning.  Reminds me of the beauty of God's creation.  Sometimes the hustle and bustle and busyness of life runs us ragged.  But in a moment, with something as simple as the sunrise, we can be reminded and struck with the beauty of all God has created and blessed us with.  I know I am soooo blessed...

Sunrise over Lake Michigan

Today we spent some time shopping, for groceries (how fun!) mainly.  My technical problems are persisting.  I feel that it is just an attempt from the enemy to try and prevent us from sharing what God is doing in our lives.  He is such a part of every day on this trip, in both little and big ways.  I know I've discussed it with some of you out there, but for those I haven't...

Jim and I aren't sure why God wants to do this travelling America thing.  We prayed long and hard about it before we started, received confirmation that it was the right path, and God certainly has made a way for everything thus far.  But why? Why us?  There are plenty of other deserving families that would love to do this.  Why did God choose us?  The answer is we still don't know why.  However, if I had to make a guess, it always comes back to the kids.  Whatever they get from this, whatever character is developed in them, will ultimately be part of God's plan for their lives.  It will be used for His glory and for His kingdom.  For that, Jim and I are truly blessed just to be a small part of it.  We get to come along for the ride!

Looking over a basic training timeline

One great thing we did do today was to visit the Naval Station Great Lakes Museum.  This was a fantastic museum.  It covered all aspects of the Navy, from its origins, through what happens each week in basic training.  They had a fantastic exhibit of women in the Navy, and how their roles have changed through history.

Their newest exhibit focused on diversity in the Navy, and how the Navy was at the forefront of integration in the Armed Forces.  Their were past and present uniforms on display, a video series of the Navy Hall of Fame and the wars they were part of.  A great presentation of naval history.

The kids and the museum staff

We were especially thankful that we could even see the museum.  They are closed to the public on Mondays and Tuesdays, so we wouldn't be around long enough to see it.  But the kids were kind of pounding on the doors, saying "Let me in!", in a playful way, and two employees were there.  They were kind enough to let us in.  David, the civilian who works for the Navy at the museum, was an excellent host and tour guide through the museum.  He has a degree in history and is currently pursuing his master's.  He was able to explain any display and discuss any topic we threw at him.  An all around fantastic museum.  I think Jim and I both walked away with a greater respect and understanding of the Navy's importance to our country today, but also throughout history.

You can read more about the museum and plan YOUR visit by visiting the Great Lakes Naval Museum Foundation web site.

More pictures are available in the Photo Gallery.

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