Naval Station Great Lakes Day 3 - 06/21/2011

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Today was a great, take-it-easy kind of day.  We prepared to leave Illinois, but first, we spent some time on the beach at Naval Station Great Lakes.  The kids love the water, but I don't think any of us really knew just how cold that water would be!!  But cold or not, the kids could not be deterred.

Michael was running away from the waves

Michael told Jim that if you were cold, just start peeing and you'll get warm.  We all cracked up laughing, but just to be safe, I stayed away from Michael.

Chrissy isn't afraid!

Rachael always loves the beach...her happy place

They really enjoyed themselves!  After swimming for a little bit, they all wanted to play in the sand for a while.  The girls have a restaurant that we play back home called "Gumbo's".  Whenever we go to the beach, they play Gumbo's at the beach.  In the RV, it's "Gumbo's on the Road".  So this was no exception.  They served up a fine meal of Gumbo #1, #2, or #3, plus a Special of the Day.  Today's special was "Sand Pie".  We love it, and we are their very best customers.

Sand Castle building at its finest

Today's "Gumbo's" experience included a show.  Michael provided our entertainment...by swimming in the "freezing cold water" and his dramatic antics that followed.  He is quite hilarious!

Michael and his hole

After the show and "Sand Pie", Michael and I dug a hole.  We eventually dug down to water.  Then the sides of our hole collapsed, and Michael decided to just make a bigger hole full of water.

It was a great day at the beach, even if the water was a tad cold!

Moving on to Wisconsin tomorrow!  More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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