Sault Ste Marie, MI Day 3 - 06/30/2011

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Today is our last day in Sault Ste Marie.  We still had our tickets to the Tower of History, so we went over there, and then we headed out of town to get a few miles under our belts.  Now that we are finally heading south, we are kind of anxious to get on with it, but still taking it all in along the way.  We also needed to do some grocery shopping, so we got that out of the way early in the day.

He's 'holding' the ship!

The Tower of History was initially built as a monument dedicated to the missionaries that worked in the area over the years.  Now it houses historical information from the area, along with information about the missionaries.

Chrissy on the viewing deck

Rachael with the passing ship

The first floor houses displays about the Native Americans from the area, and how some tribes blended well with the French and English explorers, and how some, such as the Iroquois, were a brutal and aggressive tribe that didn't get along with anyone, even other tribes.  It was in the interest of the explorers and settlers to get along with the Native Americans to further trade in the Great Lakes areas.

This ship is headed for Lake Huron

View from the top deck

The history we learned was interesting, but by far the best part of the Tower of History is the view.  It was a clear, sunny day and we could see all around us for miles.  Awesome!

She loved helping!

The last event of the day was a trip to the laundromat.  Chrissy loved it!  I'm not sure why, but she did.  She was all about helping, too.  We had SIX loads to do!  I'm thankful we could start them all at once.  We don't normally have that many, but it had been a while since we'd made the time to do laundry.  We have a washer/dryer combo in the RV, but it only does really small loads at a time, so we just use it for small things from time to time.   But with all five of us helping, it went by really fast.  In less than two hours we had all of it washed, dried, and put away.  Teamwork!!

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