Stoughton - Madison, WI - 06/23/2011

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We left Rome, WI, bright and early and headed for Stoughton, WI.  This pretty little town was where Jim's cousin Tammy Kozlowski was born.  They moved from there when she was young and she's never been back since, so since we were close by we decided to visit and take some pictures for her.

Freeeezing at our campground in Rome, WI

We started out at the hospital in the downtown area of Stoughton.  We took pictures with a "Tammy Rees was here" sign.  :)  We also took pictures of the downtown corner where her parents lived.  It was in the middle of downtown, which is very pretty and historic looking.  Lastly, we went to the church where Tammy was baptized, St. Anne's Catholic Church.  It was a great visit to a nice little town.

Tammy wuz here!

Downtown Stoughton, WI

When we finished up there, we headed up the road to the Wisconsin state capitol, Madison.  Madison was a short 15 mile drive from Stoughton.  While right around the capitol was a bustling area, we were still able to find parking at a meter on the street right next to the capitol.

Driving towards the state capitol in Madison, WI

The inside of the capitol is divided into four galleries branching off from the rotunda: north, south, east, and west.  Each gallery houses the various branches of state government.  There is fantastic artwork throughout.  While we had just missed the last guided tour of the day, we were still able to tour at our leisure with a written guide.

There were a few things that stood out about this capitol.  The first was the accessibility of the governor's conference room.  This room where the governor holds press conferences, meetings, and signs bills.  It is very ornate, filled with marble and tapestries.  One unique feature is the curved doors on each side of the entry door.  Visitors are allowed to come into the conference room, as long as it isn't being used, and you can even sit where the governor sits and take pictures.

Another interesting part of this conference room was something on the ceiling.  I'm not sure if it is engraved, painted, or something else, but its words are what stands out.  It reads "The Will of the People is the Law of the Land."  I thought, given the political unrest and teachers' protests going on in Wisconsin, that this was  rather thought-provoking for those involved, regardless of which side of the issues you are on.

The Will of the People...

The final thing that made an impression on us was a person, not a decoration or the architecture.  While reading something in a gallery entryway, we heard someone start to sing, beautifully, and it echoed throughout the rotunda and galleries.  There was a man, standing in the rotunda, singing "We Shall Overcome."  He sang a few verses and left.  We asked the police on duty in the capitol what that was all about.  They said that because of the man's job, he can't join the daily protesters at noon, so he comes every day after work to do his own personal protest.  While we may or may not agree with the laws passing in Wisconsin, it was an excellent opportunity to show the kids democracy in action.  This man was free to protest the state government without fear of retribution or punishment.  This is greatly in contrast to so many other countries today, and one thing that makes the United States the greatest country in the world.


All in all, this was a great visit to Madison and the surrounding area.  Tomorrow we are headed to Appleton, just south of the Green Bay area.

Outside the state capitol

The Badger is the state mascot.  You are supposed
to rub this one's nose for good luck.  He didn't rub it.

For more pictures, head over to the Photo Gallery.

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