Well hel-lo, Dolly!

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We purchased another important piece of equipment for the trip today.  It is a 2008 Master Tow tow dolly.

In towing a car behind a motorhome, there are basically three options: tow on a flatbed trailer, tow with a tow dolly, or tow with all four wheels down.  Choosing which option to use is based on many factors, such as what kind of motorhome do you have? What can it safely pull?  Sometimes part of it is just based on preference.

In my research, it seems that towing four-down is the most popular.  You put towing brackets or baseplates on the towed vehicle (known as a 'toad') and hook a tow bar in between the motorhome and the toad.  Most states require a supplementary braking system on the toad.  So this can be an expensive option, but it is generally much easier to deal with for the motorhome owner.

Since we will start out towing Jim's Dodge Dakota truck, we decided to go with a tow dolly.  This eliminated the need for the vehicle-specific towing baseplates, and should we purchase another vehicle to tow, the dolly will be ready to go for that vehicle, too.

Master Tow tow dolly

The Web Site HitchInfo.com has a great article called Hitches and Towing 101 on the basics of towing behind a motorhome.  You can check it out HERE.

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