Jackson, Michigan - 07/02/2011

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Today was just a fun day.  We didn't plan any sights to see today, just fun family time.  Sometimes you just need to relax!

Rachael & Chrissy

After mini-golf last night, we decided to head to the beach for a while.  It was a hot, sunny day in Michigan - I was beginning to think Michigan didn't know what heat was.  Four days ago I was buying jeans and sweatshirts!  BUT - I am NOT complaining about the heat.

So we took the kids down to the beach area on the lake at the campground.  They had a great time swimming and getting cooled off.  Then we headed to the carousel.  As many free rides as you wanted!  Chrissy rode it at least twelve times! And why not?  This was a great opportunity for her to get her fill of it.  Rachael rode probably half of the time, and Jim and I took a few turns.  Michael was much too 'busy' to ride.  It was relaxing to just sit and feel the breeze....

Riding with Daddy!

After our outside activities, we went back to the RV to rest, watch a movie, and get ready for the fireworks.  This was no ordinary campground fireworks show.  It rivaled that of any town.  And our camping neighbor gave the kids sparklers to play with.  It was the perfect summer night, especially since we DID remember bug spray!

Tomorrow we are heading out for Indiana!

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