Kokomo & Indianapolis, Indiana - 07/04/2011

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We had a lot of fun things planned for today - Independence Day! Happy July 4th everyone!

Gina, Jayden & Jim

Our first activity of the day was to meet up with our dear friend Gina Short.  You may remember an earlier post from this spring, where Gina and her husband Darrin came over for dinner and took a look at our wheel for us.  Darrin and Gina are both from Indiana, so when we headed this way, we called to see if by chance they were up here for the holiday weekend.  It just so happened that Gina was in Kokomo, north of Indianapolis, visiting her daughter and grandson for the weekend.  So since we'd never met the little guy, we arranged to meet them at a McDonald's for breakfast.  We had a great visit with her and Jayden, and we even let him take the RV for a spin! (See the picture in the Photo Gallery!)

Sam and his 'birthday breakfast'

When we got back to the RV, it was time to give Sam his 'birthday breakfast'.  Since we adopted Sam from a shelter, we don't know when his real birthday is, so the kids decided to celebrate it on July 4th because of 'Uncle Sam' being a big part of that day.  So we give Sam breakfast in bed, treats, and presents.  This 'breakfast' was a nice fruit salad that Rachael had made him.

Once we finished that up, it was time for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!  Jim and I both were really looking forward to it.  The kids were excited to ride on the track because they'd had so much fun when we did a lap on the Charlotte Motor Speedway last October.  I have been here before, but I was only seven, so I can remember only bits and pieces of our visit.

Some of the oldest Indy cars

There were a lot, more than I would have expected, of old Indy cars there, dating from the early 1900s during the early days of the racetrack.  There was an actual car you could get in and take your picture, a short film on the history of the racetrack, and more current cars as well.

Lap on the track!

The lap was very exciting! It was different than Charlotte, though.  The turns at Indy aren't as steep as Charlotte, so high speeds aren't necessary.  The tour guide did point out that the NASCARs that race here in the Brickyard 400 run the same speeds as they do in Charlotte, and the Indy cars run even faster because the cars are about half the weight as stock cars.  Personally, I don't need to fly around the track to enjoy it - it was awesome!

Start/Finish Line at part of the original brickyard

Birthday snack time!

Once we finished our tour of the track and museum, we went back to the RV to give Sam his 'birthday snack'.  Obviously the kids love to spoil him.  This treat was a mixture of Sam's favorite things: cheese, peanut butter, cool whip, and dog treats.  I don't think he could really figure out why he was getting all that stuff, but he definitely didn't complain!

Ice cream and fireworks!

The last activity of the day was to go watch fireworks!  The city of Noblesville, Indiana, puts on a big festival every year - free of charge - and a fantastic fireworks show.  We didn't make it in time to the festival, but we were there for the fireworks.  This was probably one of the best shows we've ever seen.  This wasn't a small-town skimpy fireworks kind of thing!  There were so many fireworks we kept thinking it must have been the 'grand finale'.  When they did finally do the finale, it went on for four solid minutes.  I video taped it, and hope to post it soon.

We had a FABULOUS 4th of July!  We were sorry to hear about everyone back home who didn't get fireworks because of the rain.

Lots more pics in the Photo Gallery!

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