Louisville, Kentucky Day 1 - 07/06/2011

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Today we drove out to Louisville, Kentucky, from Indianapolis. It was a short little drive, right around two hours.  Our plan was to first see the Louisville Slugger museum and factory.  We love baseball, so we were really looking forward to this.   

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

The museum is in downtown Louisville, close to the Ohio River.  We weren't sure where we were going to park, but once again we were very fortunate to find plenty of parking.  When we are towing the truck behind the RV, we take up about three metered parking spaces.  So as along as we have quarters for the meters, this works out pretty well.  We wound up only about two blocks from the museum.

Babe Ruth's bat with the notches in it

They have all sorts of baseball bat memorabilia in the museum.  You can actually hold and swing the bats of some baseball greats like Mickey Mantle and Cal Ripkin Jr.  They do make you wear gloves, though, to preserve the bats. There are also wax figures of Babe Ruth, Ken Griffey, Jr., and Ted Williams.  The museum also has a lot of interactive exhibits, films, and artifacts.  Many bats that were used in history making games are on display.

Wax replica of the factory

The factory tour was really interesting.  They don't allow pictures inside the factory, but they did have a wax replica of what part of the factory looks like (picture above).  Louisville Slugger made baseball bats by hand up until 1980.  It would take about thirty minutes to make a bat by hand.  Today, using lathes, a bat can be made in about thirty seconds.  Louisville Slugger has ONE special lathe, made in Italy, that make all the bats for Major League Baseball players that have contracts with them.  Not all players have to use Louisville Slugger, but 70% of all major league players do.  The signatures of all of those players that have had contracts with Louisville Slugger are on display in the museum lobby.  It was fun to search for the names of the greats.

Mickey Mantle's signature

Bats from the 2010 All-Star & World Series winners

At the end of the museum tour, every visitor gets a mini-bat.  This is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in Louisville.  You can visit the Louisville Slugger Museum web site for more information.

"Happy Birthday To You" Tribute

On the walk back to the RV, we found a unique tribute in a tiny little park.  It was a tribute to Mildred Jane Hill and Patty Smith Hill.  Both women were pioneers in the field of education, and Patty Hill started one of the first Kindergartens in Louisville.  But their most famous achievement is the writing of one of America's most well-known songs, "Happy Birthday To You."

Sam and his stick

Later, as we were using a dump site to flush our sanitation system, the kids were outside playing with Sam.  He found a stick, one he liked very much.  We had a hard time convincing him it wouldn't fit in the RV.  Silly dog!

There are more pictures in the Photo Gallery, who's nose do you think Michael picked?

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