Mackinaw City & Lansing, Michigan - 07/01/2011

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Today we decided that if we wanted to see Michigan's state capitol, we'd better hurry.  Since Monday is a holiday (July 4th), the capital wouldn't be open again until Tuesday.  If we waited until Tuesday, that would easily add another week to our trip, and we simply can't do that.  We have to be back for doctor appointments by July 14th.  So, as much as we hated to, we breezed kind of quickly through Mackinaw City, had to skip Traverse City and all the dunes, and head straight for Lansing.

Entrance to the Mackinac Bridge

Crossing the bridge

Before stopping in Mackinaw City, we had to cross the Mackinac Bridge.  What a bridge!!  It is only twenty-six feet from being five miles long!  It goes on forever!  We didn't get to see it at night, but from pictures we've seen, it looks amazing.  It was also the biggest toll we've paid in one place - $12.50! Yikes!

Looking out at Lake Huron

The kids really enjoyed looking out at another of the Great Lakes.  They are always amazed at how these can possibly be 'lakes.'  They were able to easily make out the outline of Mackinac Island.

At Colonial Michilimackinac

Before we headed to Lansing, we did stop at the Colonial Fort Michilimacinac, and the park that lies on the banks of Lake Huron.  This was a neat colonial-age fort that was important to shipping and trade in the Great Lakes area.  The park was really pretty, and although the day was overcast, we still were able to get nice pictures.  The kids did stick their toes in the water, but right at the park it was muddy and sandy, with too many geese, to really enjoy it.

On the banks of Lake Huron

From Mackinaw City to Lansing is about a three hour drive, and a pretty easy one, too.  As a special bonus, we actually found parking on the street in Lansing, just one block from the capitol.  Yes, that's right, we park the RV, with the truck towed behind, on downtown city streets.  It was definitely in our favor that it was the afternoon that was beginning a long holiday weekend.  But still! To find three spaces, with enough room to get in and out, is quite a feat!

RV on the street, one block from the capitol

The rotunda's glass floor

The Michigan state capitol had beautiful detailing in it's design.  Interestingly, about twenty years ago, when the capital was renovated, none of the same methods were used - as in no gold or tapestries on the walls.  Everything was painted to look like the original.  There is a stained glass dome, but probably the most interesting feature is the glass floor of the rotunda.  There are 976 blocks of translucent glass, and these blocks allow light to pass through in both directions.  From the upper floors, it appears to mimic a bowl, and from below, you can make out the feet of people standing above you.

Michigan's only president - Gerald Ford

After checking out the governor's ceremonial conference room, the painting of Gerald Ford and past governors, we got on the road again.  We planned on staying in an RV resort for two nights.  The one we picked had mini-golf, a pool, a beach area, and fireworks planned for Saturday night.  This was all located in Jackson, a short drive south of Lansing.

Mini-golf with Daddy

After we arrived, got the RV parked and hooked up, we went out for a quick game of mini-golf.  It always makes me laugh when the kids play mini-golf.  They are always so gung-ho about it - really put up a fuss to go.  But when it is time to play, about four holes is all they really 'play.'  The rest of the time they see how they can get the ball in the hole using any method except their golf clubs.  Michael likes to kick his, Rachael tosses hers, and Chrissy tries a variety of methods, not limited to Jim surrounding the hole with his feet so she can get it in easily.  This time was no different.  It was so much fun - I love just watching them and taking pictures.

It was a long but fun day, and we made a lot of progress in our movement south.  We will be here in Jackson one more day, and then we will move on into Indiana! Yay!  A little bit closer to home!

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