Canton, OH - Day 1 - 10/05/2011

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State #10 - Ohio!

Today we drove into Canton, Ohio.  Canton is home to several noteworthy attractions, one of which is the William McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, as well as his monument.  Since we had a bit of driving to do on the way, it was in the afternoon before we got to the museum.  This was another freebie courtesy of our Fernbank membership.

Picking an old nose

In the upstairs area of the museum, there was a walk through time of Stark County, where Canton is located.  There were artifacts from the local area from the 1800s through present day.  There were displays by companies from the area, like Hoover Vacuums, from nearby Akron, Ohio, and Timken Bearings in Canton.  The kids learned about how bearings fight friction.  Very cool science lesson!

Spinning Tea Cup?

Or a lesson on bearings and friction?

 By far, though, the most impressive exhibit was of President and Ida McKinley. 

The animated McKinleys

There were original pieces owned by the McKinleys; everything from letters and furniture to top hats and gowns.  The neatest part was the animated McKinleys.  They began talking when you came into the room, welcoming you and discussing their lives.  Towards the end, Mrs. McKinley begged President McKinley not to greet people at the upcoming Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York.  She felt it wasn't safe.  She was right

Hanging out at the general store

There was also a street of shops in an old version of Canton.  There was a hat maker, a doctor, a hotel, toy shop, and many others.   There were amazing collections in each 'shop.'  There was a huge train display, too.

We didn't have time to see the whole museum, especially the Discover World portion of the museum, so we decided to go back tomorrow.  Even though the museum was closing, the monument wasn't, so we headed up the hill to take a look.  Pets were okay as long as they were on leashes and you cleaned up after them, so we took Sam along.

The McKinley's crypt (coffins?) are above ground in the monument.
The monument is a huge dome, but very simple in design.  The McKinley's crypt(?) is in the center.  Words from President McKinley's last speech are inscribed around the top of the inside of the dome.  The McKinley's two young daughters are also buried in the back wall of the monument.  They died very young, one at four months and the other at three years, and it is said that Ida McKinley never recovered from their loss.

Beautiful day!!

The surrounding lawn is absolutely beautiful.  After almost a week of rain, we were so thankful for the sunshine, and the temperature was just right.  We let Sam run around with the kids and play, and we all enjoyed the time outside. 

We will be back tomorrow!

Learn more about the McKinley Library & Museum HERE.

More photos in the Photo Gallery.

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