Canton, OH - Day 2 - 10/06/2011

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Bust of William McKinley

We had decided yesterday to go back to the McKinley Monument and Museum today since there was so much we didn't get to see.  So once we got there, we went back to the main part of the museum to finish looking at the "Street of Shops."  Once we had done that, we headed downstairs to the "Discover World" exhibits.  This was a small, but VERY interactive science museum (Yes - free admission for us!)  They had three different, age appropriate scavenger hunts. Chrissy and Rachael worked on theirs together, I worked with Michael, and Jim took lots of pictures.

Indian hut

On the girls' scavenger hunt, they had to match the picture with the animal in the museum and list it's number.  Michael also had to do that, but he had to match a characteristic of the animal, as well. 

The first section was called Discovery Island and had different fossils and models of dinosaurs and things from the dinosaur eras.  There was a big electronic dinosaur that greeted you when you walked in.  Another section had computers set up to play dinosaur related games.  One neat feature was the area that you could make fossil imprints.  It had an inverted image of a fossil on a metal plate.  They provided you with a piece of aluminum foil and a roller.  Once you placed the shiny side of the foil up and used the roller, you came out with a great fossil image.  We took pictures of these because we knew that the aluminum foil wouldn't last without getting messed up in the RV.


The second area was called Ecology Island.  This had a scavenger hunt, too, but it involved real animals! There were several types of fish, insects, snakes, a rabbit, mice, and an opossum.  The volunteer took the possum out and offered to let us pet it.  We did, and it was very soft.  Still kinda gross, though.

An Orrery

 The third area of the museum had a lot to do with how things work; things like why airplanes fly and why you see colors in bubbles.  The neatest thing to me and Jim was called an orrery.  An orrery illustrates the relative positions and motions of the planets and moon in the solar system.  In simpler terms, it gives you a visual so that you can understand why the northern and southern hemispheres have opposite seasons.  This particular orrery was only of the sun, Earth and our moon.  Much larger and more complicated ones have our entire solar system on them.  For anyone who has ever struggled in understanding all the simultaneous rotations that are going on, this would definitely clear it up.  It was so cool.  Of course, I don't think the kids were as excited about it as Jim and I were.  But that's okay.  Someday I will whip one of these out (or find one online) to show them when they get confused!

Pro Football Hall of Fame

So after we finished up at the Discover World, we headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which was only about a mile away.  You would think it would be really easy to find, but it wasn't at all. But after several turn arounds, we finally got there.

We didn't actually tour the museum because it would have cost us over $75 to do so.  None of us are that big of football fans, so it was something we could live without.  We did go into the lobby to take pictures, though, and made a visit to the gift shop.  The things in there were just as expensive as any other NFL shop I've ever seen.  I suppose there are people that pay that much for a hoodie.  However, I am not one of them.

Frisbee Fun

We headed on down the road, but we soon stopped for a break at an Ohio rest area.  We let the kids run around in the sunshine, played Frisbee, and let Sam off his leash for a little bit.  It made for some good down-time.

We are headed into Cleveland, which promises to be a lot of fun!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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