Cincinnati, OH - 10/12/2011

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Today we went into Cincinnati.  We had planned on going to the American Sign Museum, but it turns out it is only open on weekends.  So our next destination was the William Howard Taft National Historic Site.  This is the childhood home of President Taft.

On one of the three staircases

The home sits on Auburn Hill in Cincinnati.  Taft's father bought the home, which was fairly small, and moved his family in.  However, shortly after, his wife and one child died of tuberculosis.  Mr. Taft moved his parents in and remarried.  He and his second wife had four children of their own, adding to the two surviving boys from his first marriage.  Taft expanded the home to a mansion to accomidate his expanding family.

Jim and the 300+ pound President Taft

President Taft was a well-liked man and president.  He was hand picked by Theodore Roosevelt to succeed him as the Republican party's nomination.  However, due to differences in policy, Roosevelt formed his own party and ran against Taft in the next election.  They split the Republican party vote, and Woodrow Wilson easily one the election.

Later Taft served as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, under President Warren Harding, which was a lifelong dream of his.  He is the only president to have served in both positions.

Porcelain rollers on chairs to assist ladies in sitting with their large bustled dresses
His home was beautiful, with the finest furnishings, many original to the Taft family.  Mrs. Taft was known for her entertaining, and she became quite the trendsetter in Cincinnati.  Mr. Taft loved to buy books, and would usually buy the first editions.  In the library of the home, there are many of his books, under lock and key.  Many of them are law books, but several are popular titles, such as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poems, and classics such as Gulliver's TravelsGulliver's Travels - first edition!!!  On the table in the room, there was a Cincinnati newspaper with the date of young William's eighth birthday.  It is an original that is sitting there, not a copy.

It was a beautiful home, but we really learned a lot about William Taft and his life.  He was a well liked president.  Very neat!

Taking their oath as Junior Rangers

The kids also participated in the National Parks' Junior Ranger program.  They complete a few questions based on where they are visiting, and they become "Junior Rangers" for the National Park.  The kids had a pretty good time doing it, and Chrissy was very proud of her badge!

Chrissy and her certificate and badge

More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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