Cleveland, OH - Day 2 - 10/08/2011

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Behind all three buildings

For day two in Cleveland, we headed to the Great Lakes Science Center, which is right between the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Browns stadium.  It is so neat how all three of these magnificent buildings are right there together, and at the edge of Lake Erie, no less!

Skylab 3 for the Apollo Capsule

Our entry into the Science Center was free!  How much does add up to now that we've saved with our Fernbank membership? I should really add it up and see.  But I digress.  The main floor of the Science Center houses the NASA Glenn Visitor Center , where you can see the Skylab 3 Apollo Capsule on display, as well as building your own space station, controlling a mini moon-rover, and run through flight simulations.  This was a great exhibit and an unexpected treat - we didn't know it was located in the Science Center.

Giant bubbles!

Also located on the main floor is the Center's IMAX theater, and a physical science lab.  We didn't take in the "Tornado Alley" movie, but we did go to the physical science lab.  This lab was all about bubbles - so the kids loved it.  They learned about what you need to make bubbles, why they are always round, a great recipe to take home, and how recycling can be part of bubble-making.  There was only one other family there with us in that part, so the kids got to participate and ask as many questions as they wanted.  It was a lot of fun.

An "Airbender"

Racing Cars

After the bubbles, we moved on upstairs, where the fun hands-on exhibits are located.  Some were the same that we had seen in other museums - the tornado display, how prisms work, but others were new and really fun.  They had one where you can pitch a baseball and it uses a radar to tell you how fast you were.  Another was a hang gliding simulator.  Yet another tested the speed of your reflexes working with your peripheral vision.  Another taught you how to mathematically estimate how many gumballs were in a jar.  We spent a long time there just trying everything out.  We had a bunch of science lessons, too.  And the kids didn't groan about a textbook - there weren't any!

The Mentos and Diet Coke Show

After a lunch break, we went onto the front lawn for another science lab - The Big Science Show.  This was all about gas build up - the carbon dioxide kind!  They used a little gadget we were familiar with - the Mentos tube and a 2-liter diet soda. Michael has this kit at home, so we knew what was going to happen.  You drop Mentos into the diet soda and it causes a geyser.  The more Mentos you put in at once, the bigger the geyser.  It is really neat to see how far up in the air they shoot.


After The Big Science Show, we headed to the bottom floor of the Center.  This is where they house their temporary exhibits.  The current exhibit is called Goose Bumps: The Science of Fear.  It allows you to test your fears, explains why our bodies react the way they do when we are scared, and much more.  About 90% of the exhibit was interactive.  In the test your fears section, you could test your fear of sound, falling, electric shock, and the dark.  We tried all of them.  Well, Jim and I did.  We couldn't convince the kids to do them.  We video taped Jim's fear of falling test.  After your test is complete, they play it back for you, and that's what we taped.  That is one I didn't do, though.  I absolutely hate roller coasters, and it isn't because of the height. Jim couldn't believe I wouldn't get on that one.  Watch his below.

Jim said it surprised him, that he didn't expect to feel that way.  Good for him.  I still wasn't getting on it.

By the time we finished all of the Goose Bumps exhibit, it was time to grab our postcards from the gift shop and head out.  We still wanted to take more pictures out in front of the Science Center and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  It was a beautiful fall day in Cleveland, and we enjoyed it!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery - and there are a lot!  Great scenery to enjoy!

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