Ft. Boonesboro & Corbin, KY - 10/14/2011

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Today we started out at Ft. Boonesboro, Kentucky.  This is a duplicate of the fort built by Daniel Boone after he arrived in the area.  The fort was used as a temporary stopping ground for new settlers until they could build their own homes.  The town of Boonesboro grew up around the fort.  When they were attacked by the native Indians, the settlers would go into the fort and shut themselves and fight.

Entrance to Ft. Boonesboro

Inside the fort, each dwelling was set up to show a different part of the settlers' lives.  There were three different cabins, each showing a different stage of living based on how long the settler had been there.  It went from hastily thrown together to very comfortable and homey.

Mary the weaver

The other buildings in the fort showed essentials for the settlers.  There was a weaver that made cloth to sell to the settlers for clothing.  She had a two hundred year old loom that she was using.  The whole process was very neat.  Chrissy especially enjoyed that one.  This weaver, Mary, has been weaving for nine years! She is very talented.

There was also a gentleman that explained the tools and weapons used by settlers.  Another was a tinsmith that would make anything from cups to candle holders for the settlers.  This particular tinsmith is the only 18th century tinsmith in the United States today.  Later centuries used more advanced tools, and there a lot of those tinsmiths out there.  He was quite a character, too.

The other buildings included a candle maker, a blacksmith, the general store, and a land office.  The kids got to learn a lot about how hard frontier life was.  I think they appreciate that they don't have that kind of life!

Nature Girl

After a quick lunch in the RV, Jim and Chrissy took a walk on a nearby nature trail.  Then they went back into the fort.  Chrissy wanted to watch the weaver again, and Jim had a lot of questions about Daniel Boone himself.  The gentleman with the weapons had a wealth of knowledge he had gained on his own time, and was happy to chat with Jim about it.

Sanders Cafe

We finished up there and headed down the interstate to Corbin, Kentucky.  This is home to the original Kentucky Fried Chicken, started by Harland Sanders at his Sanders Cafe in North Corbin, Kentucky.  While this wasn't the first chain KFC, it was where Sanders developed and highly guarded fried chicken recipe.

Model motel room

This is a regular KFC, with a museum, a dining room designed from the original, a model motel room to show travelers how nice his motel was, and a duplicated kitchens, holding some of the Colonel's original cookware.  It is just a neat place to go that isn't too far out of the way.  Jim, Michael and I had visited ten years ago on the way back from West Virginia (deja vu!), so it was kind of fun to take the kids by there.

Tomorrow we will be in Tennessee!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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