Lexington, KY - 10/13/2011

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Today we moved on to Lexington, Kentucky.  You may be wondering why we didn't stay in Cincinnati longer.  There were several neat things we could do, but many of them were very expensive, and we were just ready to move on.  I don't think there was anything we couldn't live without.  There were several things in Lexington that we wanted to do, but it was so rainy and yucky out that we couldn't.  You can't exactly go to a horse farm when it's that nasty out.  And the forecast called for the same weather for the next day, too.  So what we did find to do was a chocolate factory tour!  Who doesn't love some free chocolate??

Chocolate Horses

We visited the Old Kentucky Chocolates factory.  They are well known for their bourbon cherries.  Of course they say they are better than Rebecca-Ruth chocolates (that we had visited in Frankfort).  And I realize that a lot of distilleries are in and around Lexington, but geez.  I can't stand the smell of bourbon, much less the taste!  This particular brand uses Jim Beam Bourbon.  Good for them.

At any rate, this was one of three Lexington retail locations, but the factory is located here.  We were greeted and immediately offered free samples of our choosing.  They had bourbon candies, chocolates, and fudge!  Jim actually finished off their samples of peanut butter fudge.  It was soooo good!

White Chocolate Mixer

We went through their factory where they actually allowed us to take pictures.  This was the first warehouse/factory setting where we could do so.  There process isn't much different from Rebecca-Ruth.  They melt the chocolate that they get wholesale (in 10 lb. blocks), and then make a variety of different candies with it.  In the bourbon cherries, they soak the cherries in bourbon and coat them in sugar before covering them in chocolate.  This basically breaks the cherries down, so that when you bite into them, they burst in your mouth.  You actually can't take a bite, you have to eat it whole or you make a big mess.

Freshly covered almonds

They send the chocolates through several conveyor belt machines that coat the candies on the bottom, sides and tops.  They allowed us to sample chocolate covered almonds straight from the belt.  I'm not a big almond fan, but I am a chocolate fan, so I tried them.  So fresh.  So good.  Yum...

So many choices!

After our tour, we did some shopping in their store.  We picked out a couple of small things for the kids to give others, however, we all picked out something for ourselves, too.  Chrissy got a chocolate bar, so that she could have some left over for other days. Pretty smart, in my opinion.  Rachael got her chocolate 'R'.  Michael got popcorn flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans - he's not a chocolate fan.  I got a chocolate covered pretzel stick.  Jim got a bag of root beer barrels.

More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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