Loveland, OH - 10/11/2011

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The side of the castle by the gardens

Today we headed towards Cincinnati.  Just outside of the city, though, was a little castle we found out about.  Outside of a major city like Cincinnati is a strange place to have a castle, so we had to go see it.

Chateau LaRoche is at the bottom of a hill overlooking the Little Miami River. It was constructed almost entirely by one man, Sir Harry Andrews.

A photograph of Sir Harry Andrews

Harry Andrews was born in 1890, and a well educated man.  He enlisted in the Army as a nurse in World War I, and later stayed in Europe for some years.  As a child, he was fascinated by castles, and the time he spent in Europe only deepened that interest.  He decided that he wanted to build his own.  He knew, though, that some day he wouldn't be around to care for the castle, so he formed a group of 'knights' to care for it.  To be a knight, you had to only do one thing: pledge to live a Godly life by following the Ten Commandments.  He was concerned about the condition of society and he felt this was a way to change its direction.  So, what would be more appropriate than to build a castle for the knights?  The Knights of the Golden Trail was formed, and two years later, at the age of 39, Sir Harry Andrews began building his castle.

The outside of the castle is built from rocks that Harry carried up from the Little Miami River.  It is estimated that he carried approximately 55,000 5-gallon buckets of rock up to the castle site.  Many of the interior walls were formed by pouring concrete into square milk cartons.  Once the concrete had hardened, you could peel the carton off.

Looking out to a pathway from the second story

Harry continued working on the castle up until 1980, when he was 90 years old and passed away. He had continued to add wings and floors, never growing tired of the work.

The castle is in the Norman style, and typical of what a knight would have lived in, not that of a king.  Harry left no detail out, including the front door made of over 200 pieces and in three layers.  A beautiful garden surrounds most of the castle.

If you are ever near Cincinnati, PLEASE make time to see it. You won't be disappointed!  And admission is only $3.00 per person.  It goes towards the upkeep of the castle.  All of the knights volunteer their time for tours and grounds work.  Our tour was given by Sir Larry, and he did a fantastic job. Visit The Official Website of the Loveland Castle for more information.

More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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