Miami, FL - 11/26/2011

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Today we went through Miami, and stopped at the Miami Science Museum.  It has many hands-on exhibits and a planetarium.  The hands-on portion included a section on saving energy, and another on machines and how they help us every day.

The Miami Science Museum

The first stop we made was to a sting ray petting tank.  The sting rays were very playful and would flap their wings at the edge of the pool, as if they were waving.  There were several other tanks where other micro organisms were growing.  Another tank held live coral that had been donated by local owners of aquariums.  This was being developed to be placed in a new museum that will be opening in a few years.
Sting Ray Tank

The girls enjoyed making remote control, solar-powered cars, and Michael and I worked with a catapult to see how different arm lengths made a difference in how far the projectile would go.

Look at it go!

There was one activity where you had to make the best use of the space you were given, like when packing a moving truck with boxes.  We were given a bunch of different foam shapes and had to make them fit into a clear box without overlapping.  It showed how planning on how you use your space can make your work easier.  It took several tries, but we were finally able to get it worked out so that all of the shapes fit.  That was a feeling of accomplishment!

We got them to fit!

We were also able to check our heart health.  There were four stations that measured your height and weight, blood pressure, waist, and eating habits to tell you if you were on track to being heart healthy for your age.  We all did pretty well, although "some" of us had high blood pressure.  I won't say who, but it wasn't me or the kids.  :)

Our stay in Miami was brief...we wanted to get back on the road to see Jim's Aunt Mary in Fort Pierce.

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