New Port Richey - Safety Harbor - Tampa, FL - 11/19/2011

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Today was a really great day.  We started out at an assisted living facility, in New Port Richey, where Jim's Aunt Jewel lives.  It has been a long time since he has seen his aunt, and he was really looking forward to the visit.  Aunt Jewel suffers from Alzheimer's, which is such a sad disease.  She didn't recognize Jim, although since it has been a while, that's not too surprising.  But once he started talking to her, she recognized his voice - because he has called her through the years - and cried because she was happy to see him.

Blowing out the birthday cake candles

Jim got Aunt Jewel settled in a separate dining room so we could visit with her.  Her birthday is Monday, so we brought her a gift and a cookie cake.  She was really excited to meet our children.  The last time I saw her was at a family reunion when Michael was a baby.  We put candles on the cake and she sure had no problem blowing them out!  We all enjoyed a little bit of the cake and gave Aunt Jewel her gift.  She was so tickled to get a gift that she cried a little bit then, too.

Us all with Aunt Jewel

I was really proud of the kids and their behavior. They talked with her, hugged her, and if she said something a little off, they didn't even blink an eye.  What awesome kids!

Our visit was over all too soon.  Jim hated to leave...I told him we could always come back later in the day if he wanted to.

Jim and Aunt Marci

Next, we drove down to Safety Harbor to see Jim's Aunt Marci.  We love Aunt Marci!  She is spunky and full of life!  Her and her husband, Norman, are really wonderful people.  Their two sons, Randy and Jeff, were there as well, so it was great to visit with them, too.  Aunt Marci and Uncle Norman have two grandsons that live nearby with Randy and his wife, and they are full of energy!  We ate pizza and cheesecake, and also opened up a small cake we brought for Jeff and Randy's upcoming birthdays.

Aunt Marci is having a procedure on her heart next Wednesday to see why it is giving her problems, so please remember her in your prayers.


After our visit with them, we decided to go ahead and get on the road towards the Keys.  But before we did, we decided to check out a church nearby that some friends recommended.  A friend of Chrissy's from Kindergarten moved to the Tampa area a few months ago, and his mom told us about the church that they go to, called The Crossing.  It's a pretty big church with five services each weekend. It just so happened that we could make it to one of the Saturday evening services, so we decided to go.  We REALLY enjoyed it.  Everyone was so friendly, praise and worship and the sermon were both good, too.  If you are ever in Tampa, check it out, or watch online anytime.

After church, we got dinner and headed down the road.

Tomorrow - the BEACH!! The kids are mad we've been in Florida for three days and haven't set foot on a beach yet, so that's the plan for tomorrow.

My new favorite sign: Wildlife Crossing; SO much better than Snowmobile Crossing!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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