Ponce Inlet, FL - 11/28/2011

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Jim and Aunt Mary

This morning started off with a nice breakfast with Aunt Mary before we headed out of Fort Pierce.  I wish we could say we took her somewhere really nice, but we actually went to Burger King.  Burger King is Rachael's absolute favorite place to go for breakfast - because she likes their biscuits.  But, we are all pretty flexible, so Burger King was fine with us.

At the bottom of the lighthouse
Our visit with Aunt Mary seemed much too short, but we had to get going anyway.  We made it to Ponce Inlet, south of  Daytona.  There is a lighthouse on Ponce Inlet that we wanted to see.  It is the tallest in Florida at 175 feet.  Last summer we also visited the oldest lighthouse in Florida in St. Augustine.

View from the top
This lighthouse sits on a beautiful slice of land on the Atlantic Ocean.  The land surrounding the lighthouse is beautifully landscaped and maintained.  There is a marina across from it with ships of all sizes docked there.  When we arrived, the wind and rain had picked up considerably, so we had to dash in between the different buildings on the land.

Of course, the first thing the kids wanted to do was climb to the top of the lighthouse.  Jim and I were not looking forward to it.  When we climbed the one in St. Augustine, it was no picnic!  And this one was supposed to be the tallest?? It turned out to not be a problem at all, and only took a few minutes.  And although it is the tallest, it has about five fewer steps than the St. Augustine lighthouse.

At the top
There was a magnificent view from the top.  With the wind and rain blowing, it was more than a little nerve wracking to be out on the catwalk.  Michael thought it was a lot of fun - the wind blew his clothes around so much that if jumped, he felt like he was flying.

Climbing back down was a little scarier - the steps are steep, and with our shoes being wet from the rain, I worried about someone slipping on the steps.  But it was fine.

After we got to the bottom, we checked out the buildings surrounding the lighthouse.  There were three homes, each building belonged to the lightkeeper and his helpers.  They were filled with antiques and tools from the era.

The veteran's memorial by the lighthouse

Outside of the lighthouse grounds was a beautiful veterans memorial.  We took a lot of neat pictures there, but with the poor lighting, not many turned out very well.

Tomorrow we are headed into Daytona!  More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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