Siesta Beach, FL - 11/20/2011

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Today was an absolutely beautiful day!  Perfect for the beach, and that's all we had on our agenda!

That's Jim in the background

We decided on Siesta Beach, which is located in Sarasota, about an hour's drive south of Tampa.  This beach was voted #1 beach in the USA by "Dr. Beach" in 2011.  We can see why!  I have never seen such fine sand on a beach...it looked like well-sifted flour.  It was so soft, not hot, and clean.  This sand is supposed to be almost all quartz crystal.  There was plenty of open sand area for everyone, yet no one felt crowded.  The sun was shining, waves weren't too big...aaahhh.  What more could we ask for??

By the lifeguard station

Jim and the kids threw crackers to the sea gulls.  Once they landed to fight over the crackers, Jim and the kids ran to scare them and break up the crowd and watch them all fly off.  The seemed to get a lot of amusement out of this.  We also built sandcastles, complete with a big moat.  But the water came up pretty far on the beach, and the moat was overflowing.  But it was fun anyway.  We played in the water, and Michael and Jim swam out to the sandbar.  I managed to sneak in a short little nap.

Scaring the seagulls

As we were getting ready to head back to the RV, we heard a lot of drum music.  We saw that a crowd had gathered at the edge of one of the beach entrances.  Since we were headed to the showers, we took a look.  It was just a circle of people playing drums, and a crowd gathered around watching and dancing.

Sunday at dusk drum circle

We asked someone who was headed into the crowd what was going on.  He said that every Sunday night at dusk, people gather to play their drums.  It isn't an organized group, just people who love music and want to come and play on the beach.  He said that it's been going on for at least ten years, and people who don't play just enjoy coming down and listening.  It was very interesting - definitely a cultural experience.

Tomorrow we are headed down towards the Everglades!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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