Tallahassee, FL - 11/18/2011

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Today was our first day in Tallahassee, Florida's state capital.  We were fortunate enough to easily find parking just two blocks from the capitol building.  I must say that Florida's capitol is unlike any other I've seen so far.  The Old Historic Capitol is very traditionally built with a dome and separate wings for the House and Senate.  However, the new capitol building, which was constructed without acquiring any debt (!) in the 1970s, is a completely different architectural design.  I'm not really sure what to say about it, so I'll just post a picture instead.

That tall office-looking building is the capitol

The fountains out in front of the capitol were beautiful, especially with the dolphins in them.  It really goes with the whole 'feel' of Florida.  But the building itself, which was supposed to portray a 'modern Florida,' leaves a lot to be desired.

The view of Tallahassee

The FSU campus

By far the biggest attraction of the capitol is the 22nd floor.  From this top floor, you have a 360 degree view of Tallahassee.  To the west, you can see the Florida State University campus.  Today was FSU's homecoming parade, and you could see everyone getting ready for it from our view.  On each side, there is a sign with buildings of historical importance that can be seen from that direction. 

On the steps of the Historic Capitol
After the 22nd floor, we headed over to the Historic Capitol.  It isn't a very large building, but certainly well done.  It has been restored to it's original 1902 design, complete with the red and white awnings over the windows.  These awnings save over $30,000 per year in heating and cooling costs.  I'm thinking about getting some for our house.  I think the HOA would approve, don't you?

Some of the Florida souvenirs on display

The Florida Historic Capitol Museum houses a lot of Florida's political history.  It covers women's voting rights, civil rights, and even how important the 2000 presidential election was.  They had two different scavenger hunts for kids to complete, and that always makes things more interesting.  We covered a lot of topics with the kids, but especially about the civil rights movement and women's place in politics. We also let them get behind the podium in both the House and Senate.  They like to act like they are in charge!  There was a really neat Florida Souvenir exhibit, too.  They had trinkets, postcards, and doodads from every tourist attraction in Florida.  It was really very neat!

The Capitol is in the background

We headed back to the RV to get a start towards Tampa.  The parking lot we parked in was right next to a small park.  While we were there, a bus, which was altered from its original design, arrived and backed into place, which was right next to a small camper.  The camper had a sign that read, "Occupy. We are the 99%."  The front and sides of the bus were painted as well.  Not that I want to get into a deep discussion about the whole "Occupy" movement, but as the guys who parked the bus were walking away in their name-brand sneakers, they were using their smartphones.  Interesting group to have such obvious signs of capitalism, don't you think?

We were glad to be getting out of the downtown Tallahassee area when we did.  Police were shutting off streets surrounding the capitol, and we soon saw why.  More 'Occupy' protestors had taken up their spots in front of the Historic Capitol to protest.  It was quickly becoming crowded, and that was enough for us!  The Tallahassee streets are pretty narrow anyway, and when you add in a bunch of people, it doesn't get any easier!

Tomorrow we will be in New Port Richey and Safety Harbor.  Both are suburbs of Tampa, and Jim has two aunts that live there.  The kids are anxious to get to the beach, so we will try to get that in at some point soon!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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I love the fountain it is beautiful. I'm glad we weren't there
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