Fort Hood, TX - 02/29/2012

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Today we went  all around Ft. Hood.  Jim wanted to go see the place where his parents lived when he was born.  

The Ellis home on Ft. Hood

His dad was able to give us great directions to the post housing.  Gates to get on Ft. Hood don't change very much.  We easily found the neighborhood, but we finally figured out that the houses must have been renumbered.  So after a quick call to his dad, Jim found the exact house they lived in.  It was on a corner, so that really helped.  We took lots of pictures, and we are excited to show his parents.

The 1st Cavalry Division Museum
The Cavalry in the Civil War
Then we went to the 1st Cavalry Division museum.  This museum chronicles the Cavalry throughout American history, and the role it has played in all of the major conflicts around the world.  It was interesting to see how important the Cavalry is, and how it has changed and developed through the years.

In back of the museum was a field full of vehicles used by the Cavalry.  There was everything from tanks to jeeps to armored personnel carriers.  Very cool.

 After that, we went to the Exchange to do some shopping (of course!).  Gotta love that tax-free shopping.

With the Bradleys

Craig took us over to the unit he helps support.  He is a civilian contractor that backs up an Army unit in the repair of their Bradley vehicles.  He has gone to Iraq four times with an Army unit.  He served in the Army for several years, and has a lot of respect for the Soldiers he works with.

Our Bradley lesson

He was able to get us in a Bradley, and let the kids, as well as me and Jim, get up in the gunners' seats and explained how everything works.  It was really neat.  The equipment Soldiers have at their disposal is amazing.

Chrissy in her gunner's seat
I must say Jim and I were thoroughly impressed by Craig's knowledge.  He definitely knows his stuff, and he really enjoys his job.  He explained why night vision goggles, as well as some of the sights the gunners use, are in green.  It all has to do with the eyes and how they see and respond to colors.  He also explained how all of the computer screens inside of the Bradley worked, what they were for, and who used them.  It was quite a lesson in modern warfare!  The Soldiers that work with Craig were there and very nice, too. 

Kiersten, Chrissy, & Rachael
After our Bradley lesson, we headed back to Craig's house for the evening.  The kids, theirs and ours, all played outside for a long time.. The weather was so pretty, and they have a small creek and lots of trees….it was the perfect way to end our day.  Oh, and Randa cooked for us!  She is a fantastic cook and it was wonderful to have a home cooked meal.

Tomorrow we are headed towards Austin, but we have schoolwork and a little bit of preventative maintenance to do, so we may not make it to Austin just yet.

More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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