Houston, TX - Day 1 - 02/25/2012

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Children's Museum of Houston
 Today we went to the Children's Museum of Houston, which is rated the #1 children's museum by Parents Magazine.  While this is a children's museum, it is a member of the Association of Science & Techonolgy Centers, which honors our Fernbank membership.  Usually we don't get children's museum benefits, so we were really excited.

What's this thing for??

This museum is probably the best children's museum we have been to.  There was such a huge variety of exhibits, geared towards different age levels.  We first looked at this 'telephone man'.  He was made of all different kinds of telephones, and had pay phones and video phones that you could talk to one another.  Chrissy said, "Why is this phone in a box? Do you have to put money in it?"  Sigh.  It's one of those things that children in this generation have no knowledge of.

Lack of centripetal force
We then went to a spinning disk and tried to spin balls and disks across it, showing how centrifugal force (or, technically, lack of centripetal force) works.  Then we built buildings in two different areas.  It was a lot of fun.

Snow-boarding & surfing

The next area we went to was the Power Play area.  Here children can track changes in their bodies in a variety of physical challenges.  The challenges included an electronic jump rope, dancing, a three-story climbing tower, snow-boarding, obstacle courses, and rock climbing.  The kids could track their heart rates while resting, and then measure them again after completing an activity. We spent most of our time here - they really enjoyed it.

Flow Works bucket

Another area was outside - and would be super fun in the summer.  Today was cloudy, though, and a little chilly, so we kept it kind of short.  It was a large water station where you could shoot water guns to fill up a huge tub until it tipped over.  You could also float boats down 'streams' and see the effects of damming the water up.  Another part had a 'wave' machine so that you could see the effects of water on the shore.

Yet another part of the museum was an entire kid town.  Kids get $40 on an electronic card every time they come to the museum, and they can spend it in this town at any location.  There is a grocery store, vet, art museum, a bank, city hall and more.  If you want more money, you can go to the bank and they will tell you where you can get a job in town to earn more money.  Parents are allowed an 'allowance', although I have no idea what it is good for since we didn't get any.  But we had fun 'shopping' in the grocery store, taking pictures, and visiting the vet.

There was so much to do in this museum, you could easily spend two days here.  In Houston, it's a must-do if you have kids.

Tomorrow we are going to Space Center Houston, where all the NASA action is!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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