Leaving New Orleans - 02/22/2012

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Today we packed up and got ready to head out of New Orleans.  Jim had some minor regular maintenance to do, plus return our rental car, so he work on that.  We cleaned inside and finished up some homework assignments.  By the time we were ready to pull out, it was about lunch time.  We had also been promising Chrissy that we would find a playground on base and play there for a little while.  So when we left the campground, we drove over to where the base housing was, knowing there would probably be a playground there.

Playing on the playground

We did find a nice little playground, and as it got a little later, the kids who lived there were all outside playing.  There were games of Nerf Gun attacks, hide and seek, and other fun games.  It was really neat to see kids outside playing and having fun without having to worry about strangers.  On a closed base, that's not really a problem.

Riding Scooters
We even got a little air show while they played.  One of the Navy jets was doing air maneuvers.  Very impressive!

Navy Jet

The kids played for a while and we headed out.  We were hoping to make it to Texas, but with traffic, it wasn't looking likely.

Lake Pontchartrain

So this was a short day - blog wise, anyway.  Tomorrow we make it to Texas!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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