Traveling to Kempner, TX - 02/28/2012

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Today was primarily a driving/homework day.  We left Houston and headed for Kempner, Texas.  Kempner is just west of Ft. Hood in central Texas.  My cousin Craig lives there with his wife, Randa, and their two children, Jacob and Kiersten.  Another reason to visit this area is because Jim was born at the hospital on Ft. Hood.  His father was stationed there during that time, and they lived in the post housing.

Jim giving the history lesson
We did see a few interesting sites along the way.  We saw a historic marker sign and followed it for a few miles until we came to the marker.  It was a cemetery for Union Army POWs.  It was near a Confederate camp during the Civil War.  The majority of these prisoners died of malaria.  It was a somber little place on the side of the road.

Beautiful horses
There were some beautiful horses on the way, so we had to stop and get a few pictures.

Steamboat Washington marker
We passed another marker that told of how the Steamboat Washington landed in this spot during the winter of 1850 - 1851.  The steamboat was the first, last, and only steamboat to navigate the Little River.

We eventually got to Craig and Randa's house.  They recently bought a home on five acres, and even though it isn't too far from 'town', it is absolutely beautiful.  It is peaceful and serene. 

The donkey pen
 They inherited two donkeys from the previous owners.  They previous owners were not able to find a new home for the donkeys, so Craig and Randa said they could just stay there.  Their names are Beethoven and Fiona.  Fiona likes to eat shirts.

Family picture

After we visited for a little while, we went to a great Italian restaurant named Giovanni's Italian Restaurant in Copperas Cove, Texas.  If you are ever in the Ft. Hood area - you never know! -  I highly recommend Giovanni's.  They had huge portions and it was delicious!

Tomorrow Craig is taking the day off of work and taking us all around Ft. Hood.  We are really looking forward to it!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

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