Amarillo, TX - Day 1 - 03/24/2012

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Jack Sisemore's Traveland!

Today we rolled into Amarillo, Texas!  Amarillo is a pretty little town and we knew we were back in Texas when we got here!

The Museum

Our first stop was an RV Museum!! Who knew such a thing existed?? This one has only been open since February, so our timing was just right.  And it was free!  This RV museum, at Jack Sisemore's Traveland, has been created out of Jack Sisemore's personal collection that he has acquired through the years.  He simply wants to share his love of RVs with others, and that's why admission is free.

From the movie "RV"

The first RV you see when you go inside is a 1948 Flxible (not misspelled!) Bus, but this isn't just any bus.  This bus was the "Gornicke" family RV in the motion picture "RV" starring Robin Williams!  The bus was modified into a motorhome for the movie, and you can get in and tour it in the museum.  They were also playing the movie "RV" there beside it in the museum.  It reminded us that we have the movie on DVD, so maybe we will watch it tonight.  It was really neat to be in a motorhome that was part of such a funny movie!

A 1972 Winnebago

The museum featured all sorts of campers and RVs, with some pop-up campers dating back to the 1930s.  The very first Itasca motorhome made is in the museum - with a serial number of #1.  There was also a nice collection of motorcycles, as well.

The gas station replica that is like the one Mr. Sisemore worked in

The museum also told a little bit of history on the owner, Jack Sisemore.  He began working at a local gas station and later, as owner, began renting out RVs for people to vacation in.  His business just took off from there.

With Jack Sisemore

After we finished the museum tour, we went to do a little bit of shopping in their store for a few maintenance items for our RV.  While in there, we met, and talked to for a while, Jack Sisemore himself.  He is a super nice guy, and a Christian, too!  We talked about where we have traveled to and all of his favorite places to visit in his RV.  He even recommended a church for us to visit while we were in Amarillo.  It was such a pleasure to speak with him!

After we left Jack Sisemore Traveland, we headed to church.  One of the churches that Mr. Sisemore recommended has a Saturday night service, so that's what we decided to do.  Hillside Christian Church has several campuses in the Amarillo area, and one was very close to where we were, so we made it in plenty of time for the service.  It was a very uplifting service, and it was so good to be in God's house once again.

Riding scooters

Hillside has a huge parking lot, so we let the kids ride their scooters for a while before we left.  Even Sam enjoyed being outside in the sunshine!

Sam enjoying the sun

We did decided to watch the movie RV tonight - oh.so.funny!  The humor took on a whole new meaning!

Tomorrow it is off to a science museum and the Cadillac Ranch!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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