Amarillo, TX - Day 2 - 03/25/2012

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At the Cadillac Ranch

Today, since we went to church last night, we got an earlier start to the science museum that we had originally planned, so this was a great start to the day.  Today's museum was the Don Harrington Discovery Center.  After today at the museum and spending time around Amarillo, I was really curious about who Don Harrington was.  Don Harrington was a legendary oil man, very active and generous to the Texas panhandle area, including donating land for a Boy Scout camp.

The girls working on their roller coaster

The DHDC had a huge variety of interactive exhibits for kids to enjoy.  The first thing Rachael and Chrissy did was a group table that spun and kids helped decorate the paper attached to the middle.  Michael and Jim explored some of the other activities.  We all got together and worked on building roller coasters.

Michael's completed coaster

This section gave you various loops, hills, and curves with which to build your own roller coaster.  There were also balls to test it out.  The kids were able to figure out what kind of hill or loop would send  the ball flying without throwing it off the track.  We had a lot of fun here.  Michael and I finished one that worked while Jim and the girls finished theirs (which also worked!).

Learning about animals

After that we headed to a planetarium show, and then on to more exhibits.  I think the kids really enjoyed this museum the most out of all the science museums we have been to.

Lots of ducks

After the museum closed, we headed outside to the pretty park and playground beside a large pond.  It was a beautiful day, perfect for a picnic!  We ate and fed the ducks and enjoyed the sunshine.

Spray painting at Cadillac Ranch

Next was the Cadillac Ranch.  The Cadillac Ranch is an art installation out in a cow pasture in Amarillo consisting of ten old Cadillacs, with the models dating from 1949 to 1963, stuck nose down in the ground.  It is tradition to spray paint the cars when you visit.

Rachael's work of art

When we arrived, a group of bikers were the only other people there.  Although we were a little nervous about them, they were really nice and gave us three cans of spray paint they had left over.  The kids had a ball spray painting! Jim and I did, too.  By the time we left, many more people had shown up.

Chrissy's painting

We finished out our day with dinner at Red Robin (YUM!).  The kids love Red Robin.  We ate at one in Wisconsin and they always want to go back, so we try to do so occasionally. 

Tomorrow it's on to Oklahoma!!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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