Carlsbad Caverns, NM - 03/06/2012

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Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Today we visited Carlsbad Caverns. What a truly amazing wonder and example of God's creation!  This limestone cave system was carved over thousands of years by sulfuric acid.  There are two different ways to enter the many rooms of the cavern: you can walk the natural entrance, or you can take an elevator down 750 feet.  Once you are in the cave, you have the choice of guided tours into several different areas, or you can explore the Big Room on your own.

Just inside the entrance to the Big Room

We decided to do the self-guided audio tour of the Big Room so that we could move at our own pace.  The one-way distance to the back of the room is about 4,000 feet, so round-trip would be close to a mile and a half.  The distance was no problem, we just wanted to move at a leisurely pace.

One of the passage ways

Once you are at the entrance to the Big Room, there is a 'rest area', complete with a snack bar, benched, and restrooms.  Of course we had to use the restrooms...we were underground! Where else could you go in an underground restroom?

Amazing wonders!

The whole trip was very neat, from the drive into the park to down in the caverns.  Truly an inspiration!

I've included many pictures here, but there are many more in the Photo Gallery.

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