Dallas, TX - Day 1 - 03/29/2012

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The Mustangs of Las Colinas

We pulled into Dallas late last night.  My Uncle Jim had arranged for us to park the RV at his church, Canyon Creek Baptist Church.  The church often has missionaries that come to speak and they will sometimes park their RVs there.  So this made it super convenient for visiting our family and friends and touring the Dallas area.  We also decided to rent a car since downtown Dallas isn't somewhere I really wanted to drive the RV. :)

This is what Michael learned, apparently

We visited with my Uncle Jim, Aunt DeeDee, and my cousin Jessica.  We had lunch and then Jessica drove us on down to Irving where the Mustangs of Las Colinas are located.  The mustangs are an outdoor art installation and are a local landmark in Irving.  The mustangs took 8 years to design and construct by artist Robert Glen in a business area developed by local businessman Ben Carpenter.  The bronze sculpture was finished and installed in 1984.

Chrissy, Jessica, and Rachael

There is a nice little museum chronicling the creation of the mustangs.  It was amazing to see the process it took for the free, wild Texas-spirited mustangs to come to life.  Since the girls love horses so much, I knew they would enjoy seeing these larger-than-life sculptures splashing through water.

When we finished there, we headed back towards the Plano area.  But there was a lot of traffic, and for once I didn't have to navigate through it.  We were thankful Jessica drove, so thankful, in fact, that Jim and I both fell asleep!  I guess we were more tired than we realized.  I'm also thankful my kids are fairly well-behaved.  They didn't give Jessica any trouble while we dozed off.  Thanks for the nap, Jess!

Who didn't watch Dallas?
Nearby Parker, Texas, is home to the famous Southfork Ranch, home to the infamous Ewing family from the TV show Dallas.  You can tour the ranch and home, but with all the traffic we had to sit through, it was closed by the time we got there.  We did get to drive up onto the property, though, so that was pretty neat.

Me and my Aunt DeeDee

Next we headed on over to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner and time to visit with them.  They have a trampoline so the kids were very excited about that.  We had a great time visiting!

Tomorrow we are taking the train into downtown Dallas to visit the Sixth Floor Museum, which is where Lee Harvey Oswald hid out during the assassination of JFK.

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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