Dallas, TX - Day 3 - 03/31/2012

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Helicopter coming in for the drop!

 Today turned out to be an eventful day.  We started out attending an Easter Egg Drop hosted by Canyon Creek Baptist Church.  And by drop, they mean drop.  A helicopter flew over dropping thousands of eggs onto a local high school football field!  It was so neat!  The church also had popcorn, snow cones, and water for everyone - even a train ride, too.  The event was an outreach to the community and it was free for everyone!  I think they expected 500 people to attend, but in reality I think between three and four thousand people came.  It was very well organized, too.  We had a great time.

Rachael and Chrissy enjoying their snow cones
Here is a video of the helicopter coming in for a drop.  They are dropping several thousand eggs as they pass.  It's a little hard to see, but it was really neat in person.  They looked like Skittles falling from the sky.

The rest of the day we spent relaxing: the kids watched a movie, the adults visited and took naps, and I continued to work on laundry.  We went to dinner at a great place called Jason's Deli.  They have a few in the Atlanta area, but none near where we live.  The food was delicious.

Jason's Deli - yum!

During this time, my friend Karen Hodges was also headed to Dallas from the Little Rock area with her family.  Unfortunately, Karen was struggling with a kidney stone and felt terrible.  She wound up stopping at an urgent care facility just inside the Texas state line, but didn't get much relief from the medication there.  She and her husband decided that she really needed to go to an emergency room to be checked out.  Since they had been driving all day, I offered to meet her at the ER so that Jason (her husband) could go on to the hotel with the kids and get to bed.  So that's what we did.

The ER at the hospital did confirm she had a kidney stone.  They got her pain under control and told her to come back if it got worse, and then follow up with her doctor when she got home.  I took her to get her medicine filled at a local 24 hour pharmacy, and then took her to her hotel in Irving.  She passed the stone (thankfully!) within a few hours.  What a relief!  And what a crazy adventure!

Tomorrow after church we are heading out of Dallas and on towards home!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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