Flagstaff & Grand Canyon, AZ - 03/17/2012

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Today was a sunny, windy day.  Unfortunately, it started out with a trip to Urgent Care.  We found one close by in Flagstaff, so that was our first stop of the day.  Long story short - I have an ear and sinus infection.  So antibiotics and pain relief for me!  We headed to the pharmacy to get those filled, which didn't take very long.

The Americana Inn on Route 66

On the way out of Flagstaff, we were driving on the historic Route 66.  We stopped at a couple of places to take pictures; places that you could tell had been around since the hey day of the route.  Americana Inn has been featured on several shows about Route 66.

Snowy peaks

We headed out of Flagstaff for the Grand Canyon.  We really wanted to get some time in there before the expected snow started.  It was a nice drive from Flagstaff.

Very first look

We pulled into the Visitor's Center and headed for the nearest overlook.  Jim videotaped the whole thing; he wanted to record the kids' first reactions to the Grand Canyon.  They, of course, were amazed.  We went into the Visitor's Center to watch the movie about the canyon and decide what to do from there.

Those tiny people are us on the trail
We decided to head over to the South Kaibab Trail to hike to Ooh-aah Point, named for the typical reaction to the view at that point.  It is about a .9 of mile hike, going down into the canyon, but also out.  The trail is kind of steep, so we had to watch our step.  It wasn't so bad going down, and once we reached Ooh-aah Point, it was definitely worth the view.

The view from Ooh-aah Point

The hike back up was another story.  The steep incline and change in elevation made it a challenge for all of us.  I think I'm still tired from that hike!

Ooh-aah Point

After the hike, we got set up in the campground and settled in for the night.  Before we went to bed it was snowing lightly, so we are excited to see how much we get - it is supposed to be a pretty fair amount!

Tomorrow is church in the Grand Canyon!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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April 10, 2012 at 8:25 PM

Is it really called ooh-aah point, or is that what you are calling it? Either way...perfect name! I was oohing and aahing just from the pictures...I can't imagine actually seeing it in person! Someday I hope! I think this is my favorite part of your trip!!! But I'm glad you guys are back home safe and sound now!

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