Ft. Hauchuca, AZ - 03/09/2012

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Today we drove into Arizona - nice sunny, Arizona...even if it was really windy!  We headed down to Ft. Hauchuca, only 15 short miles to the Mexican border!  When we came out of Las Cruces, Border Patrol had a check point that everyone was required to go through.  No big deal, just caught us by surprise.  They only asked who was on board and if we were all American citizens.  Guess we didn't strike them as the smuggling types.

An old silver mine in Cochise County
We stopped at a visitor's center right off of the interstate.  It was for all of Cochise County, and included Ft. Hauchuca, Tombstone, and other historical spots in the county.  Cochise County, named for the Apache Indian Chief, has a long and diverse history.

Ft. Hauchuca has rich history in the old southwest.  It played a major role in protecting the growing western territories.  The U.S. Calvary played a part in the fights with the Native Americans during the Apache Wars in this area, as well.

The Ft. Hauchuca Buffalo Soldiers, who were part of the 9th & 10th Cavalry, became a symbol of hope and pride to African-Americans in the post-civil war era.  Ft. Hauchuca has a museum and statue in their honor.

We were glad to make it to our campground and settle in for the night.  Tomorrow we are off to Tombstone!

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