Grand Canyon, AZ - Day 2 - 03/18/2012

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SNOW DAY!!  When we got up, we were a little surprised at just how much it really snowed!  We certainly don't see snow like this in Georgia!  I bundled up and headed out with Sam and took a ruler with me.  There was 9", and it was still snowing!  It was really pretty.

Outside the Shrine of the Ages

Much to our surprise, there is a church inside the park.  It is at a location called Shrine of the Ages.  The rangers use it for different 'Ranger Talks', but it is also the local Christian church.  I called Saturday to make sure they would still be having a service.  The pastor assured me they would.  So this is where we headed to Sunday morning.

Even though there was a lot of snow, the park does an amazing job of keeping the major roads clear with snow plows.  The bus system in the park was up and running on most routes.  So we hiked up to the bus stop at the front of the campground, hopped on a bus, and walked a short distance to the Shrine of the Ages.

The crowd was small, but lively.  We really enjoyed it and the kids even went to Children's Church and had a good time.

Mule barns along the bus route
Once we were done, we caught another bus, this time getting off at the General Store, the Grand Canyon Village Market, to pick up a few groceries.  We needed bread and fruit, so it was nice to be close to a place where we could stock up.  Once we finished shopping, we hopped another bus and went back to the campground.

Beautiful but COLD!

Since I still wasn't feeling all that great, we stayed close to the motorhome the rest of the day.  The kids played in the snow quite a bit and enjoyed making a snowman.  Once it started getting dark, a deer wandered into the campground, and they were able to get really close to it.

Deer in the campground

Tomorrow we plan on getting back out in the park, as it will be our last full day here.  The snow continued to fall today, adding another 2-3" to what was already on the ground.  It should stop overnight, though, and we are planning on leaving Tuesday.

More pictures in the Photo Gallery!

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