Grand Canyon - Day 3 - 03/19/2012

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Gotta love that math homework!

With the snow finally having ended, we headed out to tour more of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  But first, there was homework to work on!

Bright Angel Trail head outside the Kolb Studio Museum

Our first stop was at the Bright Angel Trail Head.  This is one of the more popular day hikes into the canyon from the South Rim.  Located here is the museum featuring the work of the Kolb brothers, Ellsworth and Emery Kolb.  These brothers with an entrepreneurial spirit set up a photography business to photograph visitors to the canyon.  Although Ellsworth eventually left the business, Emery continued to run it until his death in 1976.  They were the first to make a movie of their adventures rafting down the Colorado River, and even completed a tour, showing their movie nationwide.  Emery held a showing of the film every day, making it the longest running movie in history.  The museum now houses some of their equipment and photographs, with two floors of the studio/home accessible to visitors.

A photo of the Kolb brothers

I will say again how impressed I am at the efficiency of the road crews in the park.  All of the routes were running today, so we were able to go further west, deep into the park.  The red route took us all the way out to Hermit's Rest.  Hermit's Rest is at the trail head of Hermit's Trail, a challenging hike which leads down to the Colorado River, and is at the westernmost point of the South Rim Trail that is accessible by road.

The beauty of the snow and the canyon

The views of the canyon blanketed in snow were absolutely breathtaking.  Down in the canyon stays warm year round, often with a difference in temperature of up to 20 degrees.  You could see where the temperature changed going down because the snow ended, and the beautiful rock layers emerged.

Wild Elk

We had the opportunity for close encounters with wildlife, as well.  Wild elk were grazing in the forest directly across the road from the rim.  They wandered out onto the road at their leisure.  They had no fear of humans, but I am sure if provoked, they wouldn't hesitate to defend themselves!  Jim kept getting a little closer than the rest of us cared to!

After some light hiking around various points of the rim, we headed back to the village.  We needed a few grocery items for the night, and since we would be heading into a sparsely populated part of Arizona tomorrow, we didn't want to wait to get what we needed.

We will head out tomorrow - on to see other parts of the Native American territory in northern Arizona and New Mexico!

There are more amazing photos in the Photo Gallery - such beauty!

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